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Club's Milestones

A comprehensive list of our efforts and how far we have come as a team.


Milestone #1

Our Establishment

Soul Shall Overcome was founded on October the 6th, 2021 in our efforts as a group to convey our awareness for the topic of Mental Health and its relevance. Our goal was to raise Mental Health Awareness among youths in Singapore.

Milestone #2

First Post

Soul Shall Overcome officially posted our first Mental Health infographics on Instagram on World Mental Health Day (October the 10th, 2021). Our first post marked the beginning of what would eventually turn into a series of thematic Mental Health infographics and unique content @soulshallovercome.


Milestone #3

Our Article 

Our first Mental Health Article, titled "5 Fail-Proof Ways to Boost Mental Productivity in School," was published on our website on October th 21st, 2021. This was the first in a series of Mental Health articles and blogs for our supporters who wish to learn more about Mental Health.

Milestone #4

Sticker Campaign

On November the 22nd, 2021, Soul Shall Overcome launched a 5-month Mental-Health centered sticker campaign. The sticker campaign was created to help fund the club's operations as well as to give continually improved material to our supporters across our various channels. We have raised SGD 400 as of February the 28th, 2022.


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Milestone #5
Fundraiser Campaign

On November the 13th, 2021, Soul Shall Overcome launched a general fundraiser campaign on The campaign was developed to assist fund the club's operations as well as to provide our supporters with consistently improved content across our Instagram page and website. We have raised SGD 606 as of June the 1st, 2022.

Milestone #6

New Members

On February the 1st, 2022, Soul Shall Overcome officially welcomed 8 new members to our Mental Health Awareness Club. This  allowed our club to efficiently diversify our expertise to 4 categories of content creation;

1. Website Team - Article Writing

2. Instagram Team - Infographic Creation

3. TikTok Team - Video Creation

4. Marketing Team - General Content Promotion

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Milestone #7
First Mental Health Webinar

On March the 16th, 2022, Soul Shall Overcome hosted our first mental health webinar session: Depression, Explained. We were fortunate to have guest speaker, Mr Stanley Soh, to conduct an informative and comprehensive webinar session where he presented useful information to better help individuals understand the significance of Depression.

Milestone #8

Second Mental Health Webinar

On April the 24th, 2022, Soul Shall Overcome held our second mental health webinar, HEAR.THE.SILENT, exploring the mental health implications of sexual assault on victims and their love ones. Our online dialogue welcomed four sexual assault survivors as they share their story as well as how they deal with their trauma.

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Milestone #9
Public Recognition

On May the 19th, 2022, Prime Minister Valedictorian Awardee Ms Lee Su Min gave a speech in which Soul Shall Overcome was highlighted as being a meaningful project. This speech has empowered Soul Shall Overcome to continue serving our community as best we can.

Milestone #10

Soul Shall Overcome Retreat

Soul Shall Overcome arranged our first club retreat, in June of 2022, after months of arduous work. Throughout the retreat, we made the most of this chance to not only have fun but also get to know our members better. 


Milestone #11
Soul Shall Overcome Playlist

Brought back by popular demand, Soul Shall Overcome spent the month of July specially curating our newly updated mental health alleviation playlist on Spotify. 

Milestone #12

Our First Partner

Oh yes! Soul Shall Overcome partnered with Matrix MMA. As a means of mental health alleviation, the folks at Matrix MMA offered MMA classes for teens suffering from mental health issues. 


Milestone #13
Our YouTube

one hour study with me | autumn vibes, waterfall sound & no music (productivity/anxiety relief)
one hour study with me in Madripoor | cyberpunk aesthetics, lofi hip hop beats, subtle rain

Soul Shall Overcome spent the months of September and October designing several animation ideas for our new YouTube channel. Our "with me​" videos on YouTube are targeted at high school and college students who need a alternative safe space where they could productively get their work done. We incorporate sound therapy and mellow music to provide stress relief for our viewers. Also, it is a great way to introduce Soul Shall Overcome members (in the form of animation).

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